Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran Spotlight: Warren F Clark

Cpl. Warren F Clark in France with the 820th Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion

   Warren Clark landed on the beach in Normandy early in the morning on day 2 of the invasion.  As a member of the 820th their role was to repair the airstrips in France to create an Advance Landing Ground.  By July, they had completed the repairs on the first 5000-foot runway in time for the landing of C-47 cargo planes.

   Warren at 91 has been a WWII Veteran, an artist, a teacher, an art director, a humanist, a genealogist, a wonderful father and grandfather.  As a veteran, he has taught me pride and honor.  As an artist, he has taught me the appreciation of visual design and fonts.  As a humanist, he has taught me respect for all life.  As a genealogist, he has taught me history and the connection to all humans.  As a father-in-law, in the absence of my own father, he has shown me love and how in turn to be a great father also.

   Warren, thank you for serving your country and being there for me.

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