Monday, November 7, 2011

Bernice (Biggs) Bainton: Update #2

Bernice Biggs was a graduate of Dedham High School in Dedham, Massachusetts.  She graduated in 1914.  Does anybody know her or her family?  I'd like to give them this original photo.  If no one speaks up then I will have to research her and find her family.

Update #1:  Annie Bernice Biggs was born in the Belgian Congo in 1895.  She married Fred Sturgis Bainton in 1921 and had two daughters - Pauline and Phyllis Bainton.  Now I'm looking for the Bainton sisters.

Update #2:  Pauline Bainton became a nurse and then married Charles Bashaw in 1958.  I sent an email to a person that I believe is their son.

Waiting to hear back.

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