Michael Maglio

Mike is a professional genealogist, writer, and speaker specializing in DNA.  He graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Engineering and has spent his career developing collaborative technologies.  As a genetic genealogist, Mike advises on the use of DNA to help adoptees find their biological parents.  The same techniques can be used to solve non-paternal events.  

Mike offers genealogy services through his site OriginHunters.com and writes about his experiences here at OriginHunters.blogspot.com.  He is an active speaker, presenting a variety of genealogy topics throughout the New England area.

Mike was born and raised in Massachusetts.  He is the son of an Irish-Italian father from the Northeast and Scotch-German mother from the Midwest.  Mike lives with his wife, an artist and a writer, his three children, and a cat that doesn't like him in Metrowest Massachusetts.


  1. Dear Mr. Maglio,
    With great interest I read your article “ Origin Hunters” partly because my family descends most probably from Them, being G2a2a1-PF3177 (ISOGG 2014).
    In your article is a Figure 8 - Generalized Migration Flow - G2a3b1 (ISOGG 2011 )
    That I liked so much that I placed it on my webpage, of course with a link to you.
    These days Burat Mulatov, a pen friend from Russia, sent me the book:
    “ Researches on ethnogenesis, Ethnogenomics and DNA genealogy of the world's peoples” Part 3, R. R. Suyunov “ The genes of our ancestors”
    In this book is an article: Muratov B.A., Nochevnoy M.Y. “Cluster <Luba-Kuban and Jassic sub-branch G2a3b1a1b1”.
    Herein are the haplotypes of this cluster, divided per Caucasian Population.
    This page is translated in English.

    If You are interested I can sent you a JPG’s of the pages I made.
    Boed Marres
    Archivist of the Marres family
    Webmaster: www.marres.nl

  2. My ancestor, Jean Martin dit St-Martin, has the following results : http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/st.martin/results

    As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between him and William the Conqueror, especially for the first 12 markers... Does it mean something ?

    1. Hi,

      The similarity between the first 12 markers does mean that your ancestor and William the Conqueror belong to the same haplogroup - R1b. Based on your results, I would put a common ancestor back in time about 2,500 years.

      Thanks, Mike

  3. I am not sure what you are looking for ... But, as many other descendants of the Mayflower my family is related to several families. My father was the son of a son all the way back to Stephen Hopkins.... So our family name is still Hopkins. My mothers side is related to Priscilla and John Alden and Myles Standish and Richard Warren through both her father's and mother's side. Most of our family is still living on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I have had a DNA test done through Ancestry.com. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  4. I compared our 67 markers to Richard the Fearless and they are the same except for 9 that are one digit off. My haplogroup is R-Z205. Can anything be inferred from this?

  5. A great site Mike:

    As admin of a surname project (Farrar Farrow at FTDNA) I am constantly trying to run down my English Patriarch.

    There are over 40 members of the project who share R-Z93 as their hg, some are NPE's,others acquired their surnames at the time of the 1377 Poll Tax (Subsidy Rolls), all of us trace our ancestry to the northern counties of England, mostly Halifax Parish, West Riding Yorkshire, but also Durham, Perth (Scotland).

    The myth is that we descend from Henry De Ferrers, Master of Horse for William, but that is a myth I cannot confirm.

    The DNA is Scythian/Sarmatian, the GD of the furtherest "cousin" indicates that it arrived in England around the beginning of the 11th Century.

    I've considered Hungarian Gypsy, but rule that out as we are Z94 negative, same with Ashkenazi.

    I've ruled out Iazyge, Sarmatian auxillaries of the 6th Roman Legion..GD is too close, for such ancient ancestors.

    I am left with Alani. A Sarmatian tribe that settled in
    Armorica (Brittany).

    And current hypothesis is Alan Rufus (Alan the Red) both his names indicate a Sarmatian ancestry. He was a trusted lieutenant of William, was given many fiefdoms, the only Breton to be awarded honors by William and established his seat at Richmond, North Yorkshire.

    The curious thing is that R-Z93+, Z94- is not found in Western Europe, nor in the British Isles, outside of it's concentration in Yorkshire and the northern counties, including southern Scotland.

    Hoping that your tools might assist.

  6. My last name (Lapp) is a Sami (and later Amish) name. The Sami are the White indigenous tribe herding caribou in Siberia. I am trying to find out about their origins, and wonder, from your work on the Huns, if they are related to Native Americans.


  7. why is their no MTDNA haplogroup D listed?

  8. Hi Mike My name is Allan Scott my Direct Paternal Line is Descended from the Scott's of Scott's Hall From William Balliol
    le Scot who's ancestry can be Traced back to Rainald,Raynold de Balliol born about 1040 who Married the Neice of Earl Roger de Montgomery some sites have Raynold's Father listed as Guy de Balliol born between 1012 and 1022, i have noticed on different websites that Guy de Balliol and Roger de Montgomery both died on the same date http://www.cft-win.com/getperson.php?personID=I099675&tree=Norway
    and both married to the same woman Mabel https://gw.geneanet.org/brynjulf?lang=en&n=de+montgomery&nz=langballe&ocz=0&p=roger&pz=tor
    I am FTDNA Kit#510220 my Haplogroup is a Subclade of R-M222/R-S673/R-BY21169 my kit can be found at ytree.net and my results are also shared with YFULL my ID There is YF09886 i am in the Montgomery Y DNA Group my STR'S are simular to several of the R1b Montgomery's i match over a couple Hundred SNP's with Kit#158136 , i have a Warren seven step Y67 Match who is also one of my BIG Y Matches R-BY20537, Thinking about Robert de Cain son of King Henry I i have 4 Cain,2 Kane Y DNA Matches,
    i have 1 Bruce Y DNA Match , 3 Stewart BIG Y Matches and 1 SinClair Y DNA Match who is a 6 step match at Y67. i also have 21 Campbell low Resolution Y DNA Matches that Group brushed me off, some info on the Campbells Here http://www.bobbiev.net/campbell.html
    My Common ancestor with the Royal Stewarts is over 4000 years ago in Egypt i did join the Stewart Y DNA Project but they removed me, here is what they had to say
    The group administrator for this project has decided to remove you giving the following reason:
    Men do not belong in this project unless they test positive for SNP S310, or MOST of their Y-37 matches have a version of the surname STEWART. We thank Allan
    Christopher Scott (510220) for joining FTDNA's royal Stewart project. The royal Stewarts' and 510220's common ancestor lived over 4,000 years ago, belonged to
    haplogroup Z39589 (R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a1), and may have been a refugee from the Hyksos invasion of ancient Egypt. The common ancestor of the royal Stewarts,
    510220 and Eighteenth Dynasty Pharoahs, e.g., Ahmose I & Tutankhamun belonged to SNP R1b1a1a2 (M269), which occurred 13300 ybp, probably in the Fertile
    Crescent. "Studies have reported that most Irish & Britons are descendants of Neolithic farmers who left modern day Iraq & Syria" (& Egypt, Israel, etc). Genetic
    researchers Jobling & Balaresque say that they "have found compelling evidence that four out of five (80% of) white Europeans can trace their roots to the Near
    East." See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natufian_culture .
    Here is a list of Y DNA Groups i belong to
    Scottish Y-DNA Project
    Irish Mapping
    Scottish Mapping
    England GB Groups EIJ
    R _R1b ALL Subclades
    Your Scottish Ancestry
    T2 mtDNA
    British Nobles Barons Gentry
    Wallace - WALLIS
    R-M222 and Subclades
    R L21, Z290 and Subclades
    France mtDNA
    R-DF49 and Subclades
    Normandy Y-DNA
    Scotland - Flemish
    English Mapping
    R P312 and Subclades
    R1b French
    Maine Genealogical
    Ireland yDNA
    Smith Official (All)
    Rains, Rain, Raines,
    Sinclair DNA Study
    TMRCA Case Studies
    Cavers Y-DNA project
    Warren - (My Match does not appear to be in group they have me grouped with other surnames)
    Confirming The ancestry of the Balliol Family has my Head spinning any Help would be Greatly Appreciated i can provide other Proof of my Descent from the Scott's of Scott's Hall.
    Allan Scott alscott196747@gmail.com

  9. Hi Mike,
    This is very interesting. I'm L226, and wondered if the analysis tools you used to analyze clusters is available?
    L226 has grown quite a lot over the last few year, many Y-111, and now a large number of Big Y testers.
    Regards Michael Crow gedcom M736051 DC430.

  10. Hi Michael r maglio what if I told you I'm the key to the whole Royal line my mom is Margaret Angela strand strand Royal crest I traced to rollo a Germanic tribe and they are the govt monarchy and parliament of all Europe in England in 1327 ad my dads side is barnhart royalty traced to st Bernard of clairvoyant a Bernadine monk who started the knights templer and are also traced to Bernard the Dane prince of Denmark rollos brother house of Harcourt and Beaumont

  11. If you want to get a hold of me you can reach me at larsbarnhart@live.com or 12087040146

  12. Hi Michael, My son is of the Baskerville/baskervyle line. We have traced as far back as Sir Richard Baskerville of Eardisley Castle and then back to Normandy. Roberts and Richards have run down the baskerville line historically. My husband is Robert, his grandfather was Robert and so on. Richards also run down the same line. What I have found on the internet is that the Baskerville line is related to King Rollo and then related gain via Richard 2 Duke of Normandy and Robert duke of Normandy. My son is 15 and I wanted to get some DNA from him to confirm whether he is related to King Rollo and the Dukes of Normandy. I dont know anything about DNA but wondered whether you had encountered Baldric Le Teuton who is meant to be the father of the first Baskerville in Normandy? It would be nice to have all this confirmed by DNA as we have also read that they are related to Edward 1st . My email address is samantha@integrityplus.co.uk. It would be great to get some clarity.