Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Mayflower Ancestor

This is a great time of year to post about Pilgrim ancestors.  So far I have found one on my wife's side.

Our connection is to Stephen Hopkins.  He wasn't really one of the pilgrims, he was considered one of "the Strangers", as he didn't belong to their congregation.

Mayflower Compact
Signing the Mayflower Compact

Stephen Hopkins (~1580-1644) & Mary
Constance Hopkins & Nicholas Snow
Stephen Snow & Susanna Deane
Hannah Snow & William Cole
Jane Cole & Thomas Gross
Hannah Gross & Samuel Small
Joshua Smalley & Keturah Hopkins (see continuation below)


Stephen Hopkins (~1580-1644) & Mary
Giles Hopkins & Catherine Whelden
Caleb Hopkins & Mary Williams
Thomas Hopkins & Deborah Bickford
Thomas Hopkins & Keturah Dyer
Keturah Hopkins & Joshua Smalley
Hannah Smalley & John Watts
Keturah Watts & Alexander Hathorn
Orris Hathorn & Lydia Hart
Belle Hathorn & Roy Clark (my wife's paternal grandparents)

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