Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marketing Yourself: 21st Century Genealogy

   In October and November of this year I took a course at the Worcester Art Museum entitled Marketing Your Art with instructor/artist Andy Fish.  This was a great course and when I tell people about it I call the course Marketing Yourself.  The content that Andy provided could be used in any profession.  My wife Melissa is an artist and a writer, I have two college kids that will someday be artists and I occasionally talk about genealogy. That course will help us all.

   Since the course was given at the Art Museum, every student is asked to submit art work.  So for the current show (running until the end of Jan 2012) I created this piece showcasing some of my marketing.

   If you are in the Worcester area be sure to stop into the Museum to see the exhibit.

   As a 21st century genealogist we need to embrace all of the current and future social networks.  Get out there and blog, tweet, post and connect.  A fast and well connected social genealogy network increases the speed of knowledge.


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