Thursday, June 26, 2014

Your Autosomal DNA Tapestry

Deep Into DNA*

   What does a tapestry have in common with your autosomal DNA?  A tapestry is a colorful and complex weaving that tells a story.  Your autosomal DNA is a complex weaving of 3 billion base pairs inherited from your ancestors.  Autosomal DNA can tell multiple stories about ethnicity, health and relationships.  As you will see, your DNA can be quite colorful.

Bayeux Tapestry (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
   Every year new tools become available to help us understand our genetic patterns and learn about the stories written in our genes.  There are stories of health issues, both good and bad.  There are stories of our cousin connections.  There is diverse color in our ethnic background.  My autosomal tapestry hangs proudly on the wall.

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