Thursday, January 19, 2012

Recommended: 20 Must Read Genealogy Books

It’s a new year and I wanted to share some of the great genealogy books that I have been reading.

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Addicted People:  Handling Your Genealogy Addiction
  • The Art of the Blog View:  Blogging for the Future in an Uncertain World
  • The Blank Tree:  Coming to Terms with Illegitimacy
  • Creating Better Descendants: Offspring Planning as a Tool for a Better Genealogy
  • Digital Genealogist:  Hiring an Artificial Family Historian
  • Eye Wide Open:  Myths, Legends and Your Relation to the Royal Family
  • Genghis to Great:  Creating a Fantastic Family Tree
  • Group Consciousness Explained:  Why Thinking as One Brain Hurts Your Research
  • History Shock:  Coping With the Torrid Pace of Historical Discoveries
  • Inevitable Evils:  Researching the Dark Side of Family History
  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Census Record:  And Other Cynical Genealogy Tales
  • Our Social Network, Ourself:  Looking for Records in All the Wrong Places
  • Overcoming Y-DNA Problems:  Understanding and Living with Untested DNA
  • The Pinch Point:  Why Your Family Trees Doesn’t Branch
  • The Social Life of Your Information:  Under Control or Loose in the Wild Wild Web
  • Sync or Sink:  Managing Your Family Tree Across Dozens of Devices
  • Ten Degrees:  How Kevin Bacon is Related to You Within Ten Generations
  • The Translucent Society:  Digitized Genealogical Records at What Cost?
  • Unlinked:  Pruning the Family Tree
  • Unweaving the Malarkey:   $#@%! Your Grandmother Told You

These books can be purchased at A-Squared, the new joint venture between Amazon and Ancestry.  If you buy the e-books they will send you the complimentary dust jacket that can double as a screen protector for your tablet.

Happy reading!

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