Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mystery Solved: Enigmatic Graphic

   Update: Since writing this in February, both my father-in-law and my mother-in-law have passed away.  One in March and one earlier this month.  I have been helping my wife go through their belongings.  The mystery symbol that I was trying to identify has appeared twice.  Once on a pair of earrings and once on a homemade bookmark.  On the bookmark was a poem by Edward Markham.

“He drew a circle that shut me out-
Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle and took him In !"

   Coincidentally the last line of the poem was inscribed on my father-in-law's stone.  Mystery solved.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

   I was scanning some artwork from my father-in-law this past weekend (remember the mantra – digitize, digitize, digitize) and I came across some graphic designs that I recognized and one that I didn’t.

   Warren Francis Clark was an Artist, an Art Professor, an Art Director, a Humanist and a Unitarian Universalist.  I describe him that way because all the graphics that I scanned were his versions of religious symbols.  I also tend to talk about Warren in the past tense because he has Alzheimer’s and is not the same person that I am writing about.  He also can’t tell me the meaning of one of the symbols that I scanned.

   Google has a feature that they released in the last year or so in their Images section.  If you upload a copy of the image you have then Google will search for similar images.

   Now this worked great for the symbols of Taoism and Buddhism that looked familiar but I couldn’t place the names.  The last symbol is a mystery to me and Google couldn’t find anything similar.

   Does anybody out in the Blogosphere recognize this graphic?  I don’t even know the correct orientation.


  1. The graphic used to be a symbol from the Unitarian-Universalist religion representing their principle that everyones faith journey should be encouraged, with no doctrine that would exclude a particular faith. Whereas, other faiths may have doctrine that would exclude certain beliefs.

    1. Kevin, do you have any details on the history of the symbol.


  2. Hi Kevin,that makes sense. My in-laws were UU. In my research of the graphic I wasn't able to make that connection. I'm more familiar with the variety of chalice images.

    Thanks for your comment.


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