Friday, March 6, 2015

Press Release: Michael Maglio and OriginsConnector Launch Breakthrough Autosomal DNA Service

OriginsConnector is an autosomal DNA service that can connect you to your distant ancestors between 10 and 14 generations ago. 

Boston, MA - 6th Mar, 2015

Autosomal DNA testing has become extremely popular for use within family history.  Major companies, including 23andMe, AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA have tested nearly 2 million people.  Autosomal DNA is being used every day to find cousins, determine ethnicity and understand health factors.

Typically, Autosomal DNA can be reliably analyzed to generate relationship matches only as far back as 5th to 6th cousins.  Michael Maglio and his company OriginsConnector want to change that.  “We’re breaking through the generation barrier by connecting descendants to their distant ancestors using autosomal DNA,” said Maglio.

New research shows that small portions of our distant ancestor’s DNA still exists in our chromosomes.  Maglio has analyzed and catalogued the autosomal DNA for over 700 “gateway” ancestors.  A “gateway” ancestor is the Holy Grail for a family historian.  Once a connection to “gateway” ancestors has been proven, it opens up relationships to royalty and Old World history.

Maglio has launched OriginsConnector to analyze and compare a person’s existing autosomal DNA results to the growing catalogue of historic ancestors.  There are plans to expand the catalogue to include ancestors associated with the Salem Witch Trials, Signers of the Declaration of Independence and other requested ancestors.

At OriginsConnector, a single Ancestor match is $19, four matches for $49 and the complete catalogue of matches is available for a one-year subscription of $99.  Those opting for the one-year service are automatically compared to new Ancestors as they are added to the catalogue.  The subscription option is great for folks that are adopted or who have genealogical brick walls.

To find out more about the science behind the breakthrough, please visit ( or OriginsDNA (

The official website of this service is

Michael Maglio can be contacted at

About Michael Maglio:

Michael Maglio is a professional genetic genealogist, writer, and speaker. He graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and has spent his career developing collaborative technologies. As a genetic genealogist, Mike advises on the use of DNA as a tool for genealogy through his site His focus combines science and history to unravel ancestral identities and genetic migrations. 


  1. Hi Mike,
    Huge congratulations for this launch. I'm excited to participate!
    The idea of identifying a Gateway Ancestor is brilliant.

    Steve St. Clair

  2. This is just great. I think (my 2 cents) that the "geneticists" are going to be the one's who figure out "history". A lot of "established" thinking may going to the wayside.


  3. Thank you to Steve St. Clair for posting this website....