Saturday, April 26, 2014

Y-DNA TribeMapper Report Give-away: Day Two

To celebrate DNA Day, we will be giving away five (5) TribeMapper Reports.

The TribeMapper Report Provides:

  • The latest scientific updates on your deep ancestry
  • The approximate route your nomadic ancestors traveled
  • Identification or validation of your Old World homeland
  • Your connection to history
  • Your genetic ‘family’ tree
  • Personalized migration map based on your DNA
  • Additional resources to aide in your genealogy

The five winners will be announced on May 1st. For more details on the content of the report see our website.

For Contest Terms & Conditions, please see the previous post.

Good Luck!


  1. My brothers dna certificate is almost identical to that of Rollo and William. Does that mean he is likely to be there grandson many generations down the track?

  2. I am descended from Rollo, through William the Conqueror and the various Kings, through many different lines. Isn't it true that most British are?