Monday, November 19, 2012

Win a Personalized y-DNA Map

   If you've enjoyed the articles I've written on Myles Standish, John Cutter West, the McCarthy royal line or Barbarian tribes, then now is your chance to win a free personalized y-DNA map similar to ones features in my blog.

   The In-Depth Genealogist is hosting a Give-Away to celebrate their upcoming milestone.  Enter today for your chance to explore your tribe.   A fantastic prize package worth $200:
Your tribe has left a genetic footprint through the ages. This service will map your DNA across time and geography, connecting you to a rich history.

Each 8×10 map is personalized based on your Y-DNA haplotype (test results) and includes approximate times and locations of your tribe’s global migration. A report is included which describes your ancestor’s journey and when possible, connections to major events and populations will be documented.


  1. My Ydna R1b L21 Df13 R-FGC5494 has no snp matches, I wonder if you could find the tribal route or origin. They were based on the rhine crossover so its interesting but i cant find the answer.