Saturday, September 15, 2012

DNA Events in September

   You know where your family comes from.  Now what?  How did your tribe get from point A to point B and what history did they make along the way?  Our ancestors left a genetic footprint across time and place.

   Join us on September 27th at 7pm at the Southborough Public Library as the Southborough Genealogy Club hosts and I present - Mapping Your Tribe:  Where did you come from?  

   Find me again at the Spirit of Shrewsbury on September 29th from 10am to 4pm.  I will have a booth where I'll be talking about using DNA for migration mapping.

   Was your family part of the Anglo-Saxon invasion or did they ride with Attila the Hun?  Come find out.

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Now if those with quircky DNA results would go. They just might figure out that the DNA results might not be so Quircky after all.

    Like the post says which part is your line from. Wish there was a Webcast of it.

    Cool Beans,
    DuSyl of A genealogy blog